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Focus Settlements are a fully independent Settlement Agency, based in Joondalup, in Perth’s northern suburbs. We provide a high quality of service with a local touch to our clients located anywhere, from the Perth area, through to regional Western Australia, and onwards overseas, for most property transactions conducted on Western Australian properties.

At Focus Settlements, you have the peace of mind knowing that your property settlement is being handled by our knowledgeable, reliable and experienced staff.

Are you sick and tired of being offered a quote, and then finding out the hidden extras? Are you worried that if your settlement has to be re-scheduled, that you may be hit with an extra charge? Does it seem absurd that you will be charged extra just because you want to have funds banked into more than one account? Are you worried that your “Flat Rate, All Inclusive” quote comes with a link to a long list of extra charges to justify the initial low fee? Why not give us a call, and we are happy to discuss your needs and provide a full quote with no hidden extras.

We Promise to handle your property settlement efficiently and professionally.

Your best interests are at all times our prime consideration, and our service is second to none

We are able to conduct your settlement no matter where you live, so give us a call or send us an email if you have any queries, and find out how Focus Settlements can help you with your settlement needs.

Contact us to discuss your next property settlement dealing. We promise you will not be disappointed.

We now offer you the ability to request a no obligation quote directly from our website. If you wish to find out the cost of having Focus Settlements act on your behalf, please feel free to request a quote, and our experienced staff will contact you to discuss your needs!

We are Focus Settlements, your Perth settlement agent. Any settlement, any property in Western Australia. Our Focus is on YOU!

The humble little asteriskWhat’s in an Asterisk?

Published 02/03/2018

The humble little asterisk, it does so much, for such a little flick of the pen! But is there a hidden dark side to this little star?

When you are given a brochure that shows a lovely low cost of an item or service, it looks great doesn’t it? All that you can be given, for just a low, low fee!*

Ahh but wait, there it is, that little asterisk, just there to ruin your day.

Because that little asterisk is the key, the portal to higher costs than you initially thought. It hides so much, and lets the brochure offer so much promise.

Lets take a settlement quote for an example. You have a fee, which represents the work that the settlement agent is going to do for you in the role of completing the settlement for your purchase, or your sale of property. One thing you have to bear in mind however, is that the settlement agent’s fee isn’t all there is. In the case of a Buyer, you have stamp duty, which is a fair few thousand dollars that you have to pay to the state government as part of your settlement, which your settlement agent will arrange on your behalf. You then have a charge to lodge your settlement documents such as the Transfer of Land with Landgate, generally between $170 and $350, as it depends on the value of the purchase. You have charges to update the Local Council, the Water Corporation and the Western Australian Planning Commission with your new ownership details. This is just the start. Title searches, electronic settlement costs, you need the whole picture.

And this is where the little asterisk works its magic.

That brochure just offered you a settlemnt fee of $475.00* for a sale, or $770.00* for a purchase!

And there lies the problem. Unless you take the time to ask more questions, you are only going to find out about the other half of the cost once they have you signed up and in their system. After that, the hits just keep on coming.

Focus Settlements, a fully independant licensed settlement agent, are based in Joondalup, in Perth’s northern suburbs. Settlements is all we do. We have been in business for 18 years, and in that time we have helped to settle around 45,000 properties and counting. One of the things that we always do, is give our prospective clients a full quote when they ask for one.

When you contact the staff from Focus Settlements, either on the phone, via email, or through our “Request a quote” page on our website, we will always ensure that we give you a full quote. Not just a vague fee with an asterisk on it, but a full, itemised quote, so that you know what your costs are going to be.

Focus Settlements will ensure that if you have any queries, that we give you answers.

Let me ask a question, and I promise it will be a simple one. Would you rather have your settlement handled by a jack of all trades solicitor firm, or a dedicated, hard working Settlement Agent?

If you are spending a massive amount of money on your property, be it a first home buyer who is just getting into their $300,000 house on a shoestring budget, or an executive who is buying that $1,600,000 dream home that they have always had their sights set on, you want to be looked after don’t you?

You want to be looked after by someone who is only there to look after property settlements.

Does a solicitor who happens to also do settlements represent the best option for your investment?

Focus Settlements are here for your settlement. Whether you are in Perth, Joondalup, greater Western Australia, an Eastern States investor or an overseas Buyer or Seller, we are here for you.

Focus Settlements utilise the latest processes and combine it with hard working, experienced staff who live and breathe settlements.

Focus Settlements have been around for 18 years, and most of our work is generated by referrals from happy clients, happy brokers and happy real estate agents, because we know that keeping people organised, informed and happy is the secret to a smooth settlement.

If you are looking at houses, remember to also look at the costs. If you want to know the full costs, not just half the picture and an asterisk, contact Focus Settlements, your local, independant licensed settlement agent, no matter where you are. We know you will be amazed.

Our Focus is on YOU!


Perth settlement agent. Our Focus is on YOU!

Focus Settlements – Your Perth settlement agent

Spring into Spring Special!

The flowers are starting to come out, everything looks that little bit more cheerful. Spring has sprung!

Let Focus Settlements look after you and your property settlement.

We are offering settlements for the following prices:

If you are the Seller / Vendor of a property:

  • Sale settlements of a property price up to $500,000 for $550.00 inc GST.
  • Sale settlements of a property price between $500,000 and $800,000 for $650.00 inc GST.
  • Sale settlements of a property price above $800,000 for $750.00 inc GST

If you are the Buyer / Purchaser of a property:

  • Purchase settlements of a property price up to $500,000 for $850.00 inc GST.
  • Purchase settlements of a property price above $500,000 for $950.00 inc GST.

This fee does not include government fees and charges and disbursements. Please contact us for up to date estimates of these figures.

Please feel free to contact us to obtain a fully written quote for your own settlement, and let Focus Settlements look after you this chilly winter!


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