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Office Address: First Floor, Unit 14/115 Grand Boulevard, Joondalup WA 6027
Telephone: (08) 9406 7500
Fax: (08) 9301 2193
Mail: PO Box 340 Joondalup WA 6919

We are open from Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm for all of your needs!


Our Staff

Susan HopperSusan – Licensed Settlement Agent, Licensee in Bona Fide Control / Director

One of the directors and owners of Focus Settlements, Susan has been in the settlement industry for over 20 years as a Practising conveyancer and now in a supervisory role in overseeing the day to day running of one of Perth’s Largest settlement agency. Susan provides an extensive background and vast wealth of settlements knowledge to assist our staff in their training and day to day workload.

Andrew HopperAndrew – Director

The co-director and co-owner of Focus Settlements, Andrew comes from a varied background of IT as well as Transport and Logistics, where he brings his own broad range of knowledge to the day to day running of Focus Settlements. Together with Susan, Andrew takes great pride in providing the day to day support for his staff, and can often be found assisting with quotation and advice for clients all the way to attending settlements.

Lauren – Office Manager

Lauren Winter started working at Focus Settlements in 2006 after moving from Wollongong NSW. Lauren quickly found an interest and passion for the industry. Starting out as a data entry clerk and general office assistant, Lauren progressed quickly onto Personal Assistant and booking clerk. Lauren had aspirations of having her own portfolio and soon became a Junior Conveyancer with a small portfolio. Within months she had moved onto a Senior Conveyancer where she really hit her stride.

Lauren was married in 2009 and her two children born in 2010 and 2013. After a term of Maternity Leave, Lauren returned to work as office manager of Focus Settlements and enjoys still being in touch with property settlements and working with the great team at Focus Settlements.

Stuart DentStuart – Licensed Senior Conveyancer

Stuart Dent is a licensed senior conveyancer with over 12 years experience in the settlement industry. Stuart started his employment with Bankwest and worked in mortgages for 7 years. Always the high achiever Stuart worked his way through the ranks and became a team leader at Bankwest before seeking employment in his preferred industry, Settlements!

Stuart started as an outside clerk, quickly moved on to personal assistant and booking clerk and then Conveyancer. Stuart is now a fully licensed conveyancer, ready for your next settlement!

Arnika BrowneArnika – Senior Conveyancer

Arnika Browne has done it all! Arnika began her employment at Focus Settlements in 2005, starting as an outside clerk keeping fit running up and down St Georges Terrace in rain, hail or shine.  After the birth of her son and a year of Maternity leave, Arnika returned to work as a data entry clerk and then onto Personal Assistant. Arnika’s interest in settlements and her experience and knowledge gained over the years made for natural progression onto Conveyancer. Arnika is hard working and dedicated to all her clients. Arnika has recently started back at Focus Settlements after the birth of her second child, and currently provides assistance to the other conveyancers as part of her portfolio.

Jo LennonJo – Conveyancer

Jo joined Focus Settlements in mid 2012 as an experienced booking clerk with an extensive knowledge of banking systems and processes, having worked previously in the banking sector. Jo took to settlements like a duck to water, and has never looked back. Jo is now considered one of Focus Settlements senior conveyancers, and will always put her heart and soul into every settlement that she handles.

Julie Coles

Julie – Conveyancer / Related Parties specialist

Julie was quite the find for Focus Settlements in 2010, where she came from a busy office background. Julie has trained and specialised over her years at Focus in related party dealings, applications for strata titles, survivorship applications, consent order dealings and other settlement processes that are considered “out of the ordinary”. Julie has a great personal rapport with her clients, and is always ready with a friendly smile and greeting for you.

Luke DentLuke – Personal Assistant

Always one ready to share a laugh with clients, and assist where possible for queries or requests, Luke joined Focus in 2012, having come across from a banking background. Luke’s knowledge of banking processes makes him a valuable asset for booking settlements and ensuring that your bank is working towards settlement in a timely manner. Luke provides assistance to a number of conveyancers in their daily processes, and you may have the pleasure of dealing with Luke as your settlement proceeds.