Useful Resources

Useful Links in Your Settlement Process


Below, we have a selection of useful links that might help you in your settlement process.

As always, if you have any queries, please feel free to contact us for assistance.

Landgate – The West Australian government’s land administration office.

Stewart Title Limited – A specialist insurance company providing protection to property owners and lenders against risks inherent in the real estate transaction.

Office of State Revenue – The WA Government site for information on First Home Owners Grants, Duty, etc.

Moving Services – A website provided by Australia Post for organising mail redirection, and transferring some Utility accounts, etc.

Optimum Property & Finance – A great company that offers everything from selling agent, buying agent and finance for an all in one package company.


Inspection Companies

Cap It All Building Inspections – A local company offering pre-purchase building inspections, timber pest/termite inspections, swimming pool & spa safety inspections, strata defect inspections and more

Concept Building Consultants – Pre-purchase building inspections and project planning

Thermal Building Inspections – Pre-purchase building inspections and termite inspections


Property Valuation Companies

Valuations WA – Independant Perth property valuation and real estate consultancy